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The Chatty Gecko story 


Once upon the time, in a country far away a gecko lived in a large tamarind tree which was home to many friendly creatures... 


It was a hot and humid evening, the windows were open, letting in a gentle breeze. The little girl had difficulty sleeping and up in the tree a gecko was chatting.

The little girl told her mother she could not sleep: "The gecko is very noisy." Her mother replied that the friendly little gecko wanted to chat and say good night.. The little girl said hi and asked the gecko to come back tomorrow evening. She waved good bye, and soon fell  asleep. Thee chatty gecko clicked his tongue, and scampered away.

​ Every night since that evening, the friendly gecko would come to the window sill to say good night to his new found friend.

My story

I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam, in a house located within the complex of an old opium factory. I played with neighbourhood kids under the large tamarind tree which stood in the front yard. A friendly gecko lived in the tree. I recall its friendly chatter and remember the games we used to play under the tamarind tree,  Years later, when I returned to the old house, it had gone, together with the vast court yard. Also my beautiful tamarind tree was no longer, and my friendly gecko has long since vanished. In their place stood trendy restaurants and smart coffee shops.

I am a graduate of Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London. Making, painting, designing, creating is my passion. For many years I put my passion aside whist bringing up two daughters, but never gave up on the dream to grow my own online store.  I now design, make and sell nightwear for kids and grown-ups. I use vintage and unusual fabrics collected from around the world. 

My upbringing and background exposed me to many different influences - the sights and smells of my native Vietnam, which contrast starkly with London, a city of many facets, where I now live and work and happily call home. All this has informed the way I create and put together the collection you will find on this site. 

My favourite collection is "Quirky Thoughts", where my creativity is let loose. The pieces on sale are one-offs, 'impromptu' objects created on the spur of the moment.



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